Gods N’ Heroes is innovative men’s underwear with specially designed groin area that ensures more comfort and allows to stay healthy and sexually active.

According to male’s nature the temperature in the groin area should be lower than the body temperature. This preserves the activity of the sperm cells and insures unhampered production of the main male hormone – testosterone.

Exactly, these conditions are created by smart 3D underwear Gods N’ Heroes. It is the first time in history that the cut of the underwear takes into account the dimensions of the groin area – 3D volumetric gusset was created to ensure natural position of private parts (in a free state, i.e. not pressed against the perineum). Four standard sizes of this gusset were developed based on the medical statistical data and therefore it created conditions for optimal blood circulation and physiological temperature regime.

Underwear should correspond to the NATURE of the male body - its anatomy and physiology.
The cut of Gods N’ Heroes factors in:
The necessary space for the natural position of private parts -
decreases the temperature in the groin area by 1,5°С (confirmed by medical research);
The different dimensions of the groin area -
4 sizes of the gusset (A, B, C, D like women’s bra cup size) - the size matters, one size cannot fit all!
Anatomically correct cut reduces the overload effect of the outer clothing by 1°C (confirmed by medical research).
What is the problem
of poor underwear design?
Leads to many problems
associated with a lack of space in the groin area: compression, overheating (sweating) and discomfort - when underwear moves, rubs, rolls up, and you need to put it into place.
More than 80% of males
are faced with erectile dysfunction. Why we ignore one of the obvious reasons – poor men's underwear, which contradicts male physiology?
How do we fix it?
Ample room for genitalia
ensures full blood supply - all day tone and confidence, prevents from erectile dysfunction.
Optimum temperature in the groin area
protects from overheating and sweating.
Gusset size
provides a targeted selection of underwear – so it fits like second skin, protects from chafing.
Ergonomic cut
makes you feel comfortable anywhere: in office, in car, or in gym.
High-quality transpiring and breathing natural material
(including mercerized cotton) allows to travel comfortably (up to 3 days of nonstop usage).
Seamless space for your genitals
there are no transverse seams along the crotch, which eliminates the risk of discomfort from rubbing.
The effect has been confirmed by medical experiments

We have conducted extensive medical testing that has shown great results:

87% reported increased comfort and were able to spend longer amounts of time in the sitting positions
100% showed not less then 1.5°C temperature decrease
62% reported increased in sexual confidence and performance
  • √ Institute of Military Medicine
  • √ Hospital of Ministry of Defense
  • √ Main urologist of Gazprom clinic
  • √ Sport association of the Police
  • √ Society of Natural Medicine
  • √ Ergonomic department of helicopters named after Mile

* All medical experiments and tests were done in Moscow, Russia.

Especially effective in case of:
  • Sedentary life style and long periods of time spent sitting
  • Physical exercise (e.g. in gym)
  • In extreme and complicated conditions, when one has to wear the same underwear without changing if for several days
  • Work or just presence in the open air
  • During rehabilitation period after urogenital surgeries
Patented design of the gusset with standard sizes is our expertise