This is the basic model of Gods N` Heroes. Boxers combined all the advantages of shorts and swimming trunks. Boxers tightly fit the legs without losing comfort and necessary space in the groin and gluteal areas. The most popular model is equally comfortable in winter and in summer. There are two collections - «Summertime» for summer and «Russian Winter» for winter. Our boxers are made from high quality cotton jersey of different density based on seasonal climate patterns.
95% cotton | 5% lycra
Care: 40°С or 105 F wash

Discover our range includes other models and combine your individual underwear set.

This model looks particularly impressive on the men of average height. The lower waist and shorter lower part create an additional visual effect of high and slender figure. Thanks to its special shape and dimensional insert in the groin area the short cut boxers provide a more comfortable and physiologically correct placement of the private parts, as well as the perfect fit in the buttocks area, which does not hamper the man.
95% cotton | 5% lycra
Care: 40°С or 105 F wash

Discover our range includes other models and combine your individual underwear set.

This Gods N` Heroes model is for those who prefer the classic low-cut briefs. This model is very compact and comfortable especially for sports. High-quality cotton jersey of variable density provides natural ventilation and comfortable feeling in any season - both in hot and cold weather. Makes a good set together with the boxers.
95% cotton | 5% lycra
Care: 40°С or 105 F wash

Discover our range includes other models and combine your individual underwear set.

Fans of open slips with low waist, this is the model for you! Slips Gods N` Heroes are as sexy and practical as traditional slips, but at the same time comply with all the requirements of physiological underwear and maintain health. Our know-how lays the size of the crotch (the groin area insert) which looks different in slips - one central gore instead of three. This cut allows to give a more pronounced volume effect compared to regular underwear and to keep all the features and benefits of Gods N` Heroes underwear. Slips complementary benefits the set of short cut boxers and briefs.
95% cotton | 5% lycra
Care: 40°С or 105 F wash

Discover our range includes other models and combine your individual underwear set.

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Fitting guide

The Size of Gods N` Heroes' underwear consists of two parameters: size of the hips and size of the gusset (A, B, C, D), that is the size of groin area.

When choosing the hips’ size you can rely on W part part of german or american jeans sizing or measure your hips circumference in the broadest part and divide the result by two. For instance, hips’ circumference of 100 cm. corresponds to size 50. (see table below). If hips’ circumference of 98 cm, and jeans’ size - 32, your hips’ size is 48.

When choosing a size that will fit you best you can rely on your height and knowledge of your body. For the first time we recommend to start with a base size B - for men of 175 ± 3 cm height, and size C - for men higher than 178 cm.

Size of the hips
You can rely on W part
of german or american jeans sizing
Gods N` Heroes
(basic size)
size jeans
46 30
48 32
50 34
52 36
54 38
Size of the gusset
For the first time we recommend
to start with a base size B
for teens
for men up to 175 ± 3 cm height
for men higher than 178 cm
during rehabilitation period after urogenital surgeries
Egor, 34 years old, entrepreneur

The underwear fits like a second skin. It fits very comfortably. First, I was happy when I put it on, because it fits tightly and I always feel the pleasure of perfect things. Then you just forget about all the typical problems, when underwear rubs, rolls up and so on.

There are, for example, shoes that you put on and wear, and then there are Converse sneakers. Moreover, every time you put Converse on, you feel happy, because you own them and you can wear them. Same thing with this underwear. You enjoy it, because it is a real thing, and a very manly one. The only thing I lack is a "week underwear "set” of bright colors, I like bright underwear.

Konstantin, 56 years old, urologist

I’ve been wearing Gods N' Heroes underwear for more than 6 years now - learned about this brand when it was still in the research stage. I am sure that only underwear that is based on the principle of optimal functioning of the male reproductive system, is highly likely to guarantee the protection of male reproductive system from many hazards of everyday life...

The role of Gods N' Heroes underwear becomes ever more important if a man suffers from sexual diseases. It helps to potentiate therapeutic measures, creates a good preventive background.

Danil, 23 years old, Sales Manager

I’ve been wearing Gods N' Heroes underwear for six months already, and, to be honest, I was not expecting such comfort even during intensive workout in the gym, or while sitting in a stuffy office. I believe that Gods N' Heroes underwear is worth every dime spent on it, and I do not see other options.

Anatoly, 30 years old, office worker

The most comfortable underwear I've ever worn! Not worse than Armani, which I had often preferred. Perhaps it is even of a better quality.

Dmitry 47, years old, manager

Over time, it became clear that it’s unreal to find a substitute for such comfortable underwear. It especially comes in handy during long sport trips. Extra size is like a cherry on top - absolutely discreet, you just forget that you're wearing something.

Eugene, 36, entrepreneur

I really enjoyed wearing Gods N’ Heroes underwear – nothing is jammed or I feel really comfortable. I wear it as "special clothing" for long-distance car trips, when I know that I will spend the whole day in the car. It is very comfortable and I have no need to put in into place or to change posture like with other underwear brands. Thank you very much for such a comfortable underwear.

Maks, 33 years old, economist

Comfortable underwear. Do not crush anything; do not slip during my workouts (boxing). I vote for more underwear of this kind.

Denis, 30 years, Internet business

I started to use Gods N' Heroes underwear – it’s such a delight! Very comfortable and unusual after common underwear. Actually fits like a second skin. Common underwear is no longer my choice.

Thank you for this product. Super!

Grag, 34 years old, senior manager

Frankly, I was not sure that there would be a significant difference with the usual underwear. But there is, and it is significant. In fact, the underwear is very comfortable. I tested it in a variety of settings from flights to 3-hour motorcycle rides, and it was comfortable everywhere. I also noted that I sweat less in it. I have already recommended it to several friends and acquaintances who prefer tight underwear.

Alex, 25 years old, Thai boxing.

I bought Gods N' Heroes briefs just to try it out. The first thing that I liked was comfort during workouts. Really comfortable. You can do the splits, stand up, and the briefs won’t roll up and move. Definitely worth buying, at least for training.

Nik, 30 years old, powerlifting.

I checked it for myself – it actually works. I get less tired. I used to force myself to go to the gym, but now I have much more energy now, I’ve become more vigorous. I can lift bigger weights now – finally managed 150 kilos. I’ve been wearing Gods N' Heroes for three months.

Alex, 27 years, boxing.

Definitely a useful thing. I’ve been wearing this underwear for nearly two months. I’ve put on my erstwhile mettle as if I’m 18 again. Instead of three workouts per week I go to the gym five times per week. My wife says I even behave differently, as Conan the Barbarian. And the underwear itself is very comfortable. No need to constantly adjust and tug it etc. Guys will understand.

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Sorry, but due to the intimate nature of this garment, underwear is not available for return or exchange.